Fish Oil & Omega 3 – The Super Supplement Vital For Health

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Source: The Ohio State University

Fish oil is the supplement that has everyone talking but f you’re concerned about the hype, don’t be! There’s absolutely nothing fishy about all the positive press this wonder drug gets. Truth is, more and more people (like you!) are discovering that if there’s one supplement they should add to their diet, it should be fish oil. If you need more information on the whys, hows, whens and wheres of fish oil you are definitely in the right place. is your ultimate guide to the super supplement that has the health world talking. Whether you’re interested in the benefits of fish oil for your physical and mental health or would like a bit more information about fish oil dosage, we are your ultimate resource. We have the best information and reviews on everything fish oil. So if you have any questions about omega 3s, will give you the answers you’ve been looking for.

Why Take Fish Oil?

In an ideal world we wouldn’t need supplements but most of us don’t quite get the nutrients we need from our diets. This is where fish oil shines brighter than a superstar. The omega 3 fatty acids found in fish oil not only act as a preventative measure but are often a remedy for various ailments as well. To find out more about how fish oil omega 3s can help, be sure to check out the best fish oil benefits guide. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

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How Much Fish Oil Should I Take?

As a daily supplement, the recommended fish oil dosage is usually 600 – 1000 mg per day. This usually means consuming two serves of oily fish every week. But how many of us are really eating salmon every week? This is where the fish oil supplements step in and help you get the omega 3 fatty acids that your body needs without having to remember to eat fish every week. However, if you’re taking fish oil for a specific purpose such as weight loss or even to help with your cholesterol, you should probably check the fish oil dosage with your doctor first as dosage can vary depending on why you’re taking the supplement.

What Is The Best Fish Oil Available?

Picking the right fish oil for you can be a tough job – there are so many options! Obviously some brands are better than others but it’s easy to get lost in the sea of options. It’s a great idea to check out fish oil reviews and ratings to help you make your decision but before you make your decision, check out our top 5 tips.

Your fish oil:

  1. Should contain omega 3 fatty acids. Without this, you won’t get much out of taking fish oil.
  2. Should be 100% natural with no artificial or chemical additives.
  3. Should mention EPA & DHA (fish oil omega 3 fatty acids) on the label, so you know “fillers” haven’t been used to make your supplement.
  4. Should have a list of fish that were used to make the supplement. The best fish oils are usually made from fatty fish such as salmon, mackerel, tuna and sardines.
  5. Should be produced by a well known supplement and vitamins brand as they are definitely more trustworthy.

Fish oil is good for you – there are no two ways about it. A daily dose of fish oil should be a part of everyone’s diet because the benefits this supplement provides can help you live a better, much healthier life and who doesn’t want that?